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What are the common excavators in the project construction?

Excavators can be regarded as transformers in construction machinery. Today, I will take you to feel what are the transformation equipment of excavators.

  1. Crushing hammer

Breaking hammer, we should be very common. Its working principle is to take the hydrostatic pressure as the driving force, drive the piston to reciprocate and impact the drill rod, and the drill rod will break the ore, concrete and other solids.

When selecting the crushing hammer, the machine owner needs to pay attention to selecting the appropriate size of the crushing hammer according to the excavator model, operating environment, and the diameter and width of the drill rod.

Crushing hammer
  1. Wood grabber

The shape of the wood grab is similar to the mechanical grab in the doll machine, and it is usually used to carry wood, bamboo, pipe and other materials.

After the modification and design of the gripper, it can also carry out the handling of stone and steel. It is very convenient and fast to cooperate with the loading and unloading truck. Baoding Machinery has been specialized in customizing wood grabbers for more than 30 years, with superb technology.

Wood grabber
  1. Grab bucket

Excavator grab refers to the grab used together with the excavator, which is generally a hydraulic grab driven by hydraulic cylinder. The grab bucket of the excavator is a sling that grabs and unloads bulk materials by the opening and closing of the left and right combined buckets or multiple jaw plates

Foundation pit excavation, deep pit excavation and loading of mud, sand, coal and gravel for building foundation. It is especially suitable for excavation and loading on one side of the ditch or restricted space.

Grab bucket
  1. Electromagnetic iron absorber

The electromagnetic chuck is a kind of machine tool accessory product produced by the principle of electromagnetism, which generates magnetic force by energizing the internal coil, and tightly absorbs the workpiece contacting the surface of the panel through the magnetic conductive panel, and demagnetizes the workpiece by powering off the coil and removing the magnetic force.

The main applications are: the workpiece fixation of grinding machine, FYMC series electromagnetic cutter grinder, gantry milling machine, gantry planer and other iron workpiece processing.

Electromagnetic iron absorber

The introduction of excavator accessories is over. If you think this article is good, and want to know more about excavators, you can consult

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