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  • Brand new loader (SHANGUI) L60-B5/C5 second-hand loader
  • Brand new loader (SHANGUI) L60-B5/C5 second-hand loader

Brand new loader (SHANGUI) L60-B5/C5 second-hand loader


Brand new loader (SHANGUI) L60-B5/C5 second-hand loader

  • 1. Power System
  • ● The engine is a green and environment-friendly Weichai engine with powerful power, reliable performance, energy conservation and efficiency.
  • 2. Transmission system
  • ● Adopt mountain push double transformation: single-stage two-phase three element torque converter, fixed shaft power shift gearbox to transmit power.
  • ● Good power matching, smooth movement and more powerful operation;
  • ● Split structure, convenient for maintenance;
  • ● Convenient selection of forward and backward gear speeds, suitable for various harsh industries and mines, and faster movement. 
  • 3. High operating efficiency
  • ● The ultra-high loading and unloading height not only ensures superior loading performance, but also guarantees to bear greater torsional torque. The loading operation has a wide range and high efficiency. The bucket realizes automatic leveling, and the loading and unloading operation has a wide range and high efficiency. The driver has low labor intensity.
  • 4. Reliable Structure
  • ● The structural parts of the main engine are optimized by finite element design. The plate structure is adopted, and the robot is automatically welded, which is resistant to load and distortion. The whole machine is solid, compact and stable. 
  • 5. Convenient maintenances
  • ● The side door of the upturning engine hood has a large opening and is convenient for maintenance.
  • ● The front and rear frames are lubricated externally for more convenient maintenance. The grease fittings are equipped with dust caps for higher cleanliness.
Brand new loader (SHANGUI) L60-B5/C5 second-hand loader


Parameter nameL60-C5L60-B5
Performance parameters
Operating weight (Kg)1920019200
Maximum dumping height (mm)34203420
Dumping reach (mm)10381038
Maximum breakout force (kN)≥195≥195
Total cycle time (s)10.210.2
Engine modelWP10G240E341WD10G240E201
Rated power/rated speed (kW/rpm)178/2200178/2200
Overall dimensions
Overall dimensions of machine (mm)8778*3080*34818778*3080*3481
Driving performance
Forward speed (km/h)42.339
Reversing speed (km/h)16.318
Chassis System
Wheelbase (mm)33803380
Tank capacity
Fuel tank (L)300300
Working device
Rated bucket capacity (m³)3.63.6
Rated loading capacity (t)66
Brand new medium-sized loader L36-C3 second-hand loader
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