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Hitachi Construction Machinery C Series is newly released

n February 1, 2023, at the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year, Hitachi Construction Machinery officially launched a new “C series” product for the Chinese market, and the first model ZX200C-6A took the lead in the market. Not only does it contain the meaning of iterative upgrading represented by “6A series”, but the letter “C” in the product model means to provide cost-effective and stable solutions for Chinese customers, and strive to build an industry benchmark in the “National Fourth” era.

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The first C-series model ZX200C-6A of Hitachi Construction Machinery came into the market

In order to meet the continuously optimized environmental protection standards in the field of construction machinery in China, Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., based on mature and reliable emission reduction technology to help upgrade its products, launched the ZAXIS-6A series to the Chinese market in November 2022. In 2023, in order to better meet the needs of Chinese customers for the new generation of green equipment, Hitachi Construction Machinery put forward the concept of “4C” for the first time – Construction (construction site), Customer of China (Chinese customer), Cost (low cost), Comprehensive Performance (comprehensive performance), aiming to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase through comprehensively optimized C-series products, and create higher value for Chinese customers.

Represented by the first model ZX200C-6A, the new C series uses a customized engine equipped with a DPF tail gas treatment device, which has the characteristics of high filtration rate and no use of urea, and fully meets the requirements of the fourth national standard. At the same time, the C series meets the refined requirements of Chinese customers for power, control, maintenance and other aspects. It provides lightweight handle, parallel radiator, high-efficiency hydraulic main pump, expansion tank, rear camera and other configurations. It has outstanding advantages in cost performance and provides an ideal choice for customers seeking stable and comprehensive performance.

In many project sites across the country, the strength of ZX200C-6A has been verified and praised, and more C-series products will be introduced in the future, which will continue to add fresh vitality to the Chinese construction machinery market in the new era.

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