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Mechanical excavator bucket maintenance tips

Excavator bucket

Mechanical excavator bucket maintenance tips

The excavator bucket is the most important one. During the use of the bucket, the bucket is subject to great wear and tear, so it should be repaired and maintained every time in use to ensure the extension of the bucket’s service life. The bucket is an important part of the entire excavation device. Because it bears complex loads and frequently contacts soil and rock, it is very easy to wear and tear, This requires the majority of users of second-hand excavators to check the bucket and other parts that are easy to wear. The first is the bucket tooth. The bucket teeth are in direct contact with minerals. It is one of the main vulnerable parts of second-hand excavators due to its heavy load and severe wear. The use of bucket teeth directly affects the efficiency and production cost of second-hand excavators. Therefore, a good set of bucket rules plays a very important role in improving the construction efficiency of second-hand excavators. When the sharp tooth of the bucket ruler is severely worn, the construction should be stopped in time and a new bucket ruler should be installed and replaced if conditions permit. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to check whether the bucket ruler is stable. If there is looseness, it should be fastened immediately, which is very important to maintain the digging capacity of the second-hand excavator. Next is the bucket body. Compared with the bucket teeth, if properly maintained, the bucket body can be used for a long time. The maintenance of the bucket body part of the second-hand excavator is mainly to check whether the bucket body is worn or cracked. If the wear is severe, reinforcement should be considered. Therefore, excavators have the functions of bulldozers, loaders and cranes, and can replace these machines. The bucket is also an important part and core of the excavator. If the bucket is not maintained, the excavator will be more damaged if it works for a long time

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