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Sany excavator SY200C can handle all kinds of work

Sany excavator SY200C can handle all kinds of work

Won the title of “Top 50 Products of the Year” of China Construction Machinery in 2022, which can easily cope with various working conditions such as earthwork, leveling, trenching, etc., and is specially designed to be the pioneer of fuel saving for the users of each shift. The new generation of SY200C National Fourth Machinery is an economic, durable and reliable choice

Sany Heavy Industry


Equipped with imported engine, the power reaches 118kW, the torque is large, and the dynamic response is faster. EGR+DOC+DPF technology is adopted to achieve accurate control of intake air flow and fuel injection volume, meet the national emission standards, and reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Equipped with well-known brand electric control main valve and plunger pump, through optimizing control strategy, it can achieve stick regeneration and rapid oil return, and accurately control the valve core to improve the mining efficiency and controllability of the whole machine. The displacement of plunger pump is increased from 112cc to 135cc, and the range of available engine speed is increased, which makes it easier to operate in the economic fuel consumption area. The RG14 reducer is newly upgraded, with improved slewing ability, stronger slope working ability and faster slewing starting speed. The slewing device increases the slewing capacity by 12%, the slewing driving force of the machine increases, the working capacity on the slope increases, and the slewing starting speed increases.

The interior is comfortable and the advanced interior is fully upgraded. The narrow armrest box, the minimalist front control box, the standard water cup holder, the 24V power outlet, the USB interface, and so on, have the car-level quality interior. Equipped with comfortable shock absorption seats, the vibration comfort is improved.

The 10-inch screen is upgraded again, thinner, more dazzling and clearer; Higher system integration, more integration of body control and power management, fewer parts; Support OTA upgrade of 4G network, faster and safer, and add one-button call function; The night-time shutdown lamps are delayed and extinguished, the front and back hand display screens are switched by one button, and the rear camera is configured to ensure driving safety.

Sany cooperates with well-known automobile design companies to upgrade the cab from appearance to user experience, and follow the concept of “comfort, convenience, automatic intelligence, and online ecology” to create a “first-class” driving environment for customers.

Equipped with a new air conditioning system, the air duct of the air conditioning is optimized, the cooling effect is stronger, and the air volume distribution is more reasonable. The air conditioner evaporator can be cleaned and maintained in the vehicle, which is easier to clean

Superior technology

With HSSC electric control technology, the load valve can control the inlet and return oil independently to reduce the flow loss. Sequential control solves the impact problem of starting and stopping, makes each operation soft and easy to control, and effective displacement control makes the action of oil cylinder sensitive. Pump control+valve control solves the control strategy when the multi-way valve is fully open and slightly open, making each action smooth and natural. The composite action slave pump control technology is adopted to reasonably distribute the flow provided by each pump and control the oil cylinder, improve the controllability and reduce the pressure loss.

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