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Type of excavator accessories

Type of excavator accessories

The excavator can connect different accessories through quick coupler or lengthening arm, and can achieve various functions:

Crushing, grab loading and unloading, backfilling and compaction, pile driving and pulling, shearing, demolition of buildings, drilling, etc

The functional accessories are classified as follows

1、 Crushing: crushing hammer, high-frequency hammer, crushing pliers, crushing bucket, milling machine, scarifier

2、 Grab loading and unloading: hydraulic grab, mechanical grab, bucket clip, lotus grab, tree shifter, shell bucket, various customized special bucket, various extenders,

3、 Backfilling and compaction: vibratory compactor, dynamic compactor

4、 Pile driving and pile pulling: pile driver

5、 Shearing type: hydraulic shear (steel plate shearing), heavy hydraulic shear (shear plate), car dismantling pliers (waste car recycling)

6、 Demolition of buildings: demolition pliers (also known as hydraulic shear)

7、 Drilling: auger

If there are accessories with other functions, welcome to add!

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