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  • Second-hand Yuchai excavator Sales of Yuchai YC60 excavator
  • Second-hand Yuchai excavator Sales of Yuchai YC60 excavator
  • Second-hand Yuchai excavator Sales of Yuchai YC60 excavator

Second-hand Yuchai excavator Sales of Yuchai YC60 excavator

Haojingwen Construction Machinery International Co., Ltd As an information network for the display of used used excavator, it displays and operates used used excavator,Komatsu excavator,Hitachi excavator,cat excavator,Kobelco excavator,Doosan excavator,Hyundai excavator,Volvo excavator,Yuchai excavator,sunward excavator,Sumitomo excavator,Kubota excavator,Sany excavator,other excavator.

Second-hand Yuchai excavator Sales of new Yuchai YC60-8 excavator

At present, there are more than 1000 used excavator of various brands in the offline market, which can not only ensure the customer's purchase demand, but also ensure that customers can understand the price of used used excavator at home.

In order to ensure the quality of products, we employ professional and technical personnel to strictly test each machine to ensure the performance of the machine.

In order to improve the quality of service, support 24-hour telephone or message consultation, convenient for customers to inquire or inquire about the required model information. Timely, accurate, true and transparent to provide customers with the details of the excavator.

We promise to deliver the excavator to your home free of charge and provide a one-year warranty, so that you can purchase the excavator without worry. We sincerely welcome customers to the scene to see the car, test.

Yuchai YC60-8 Excavator Parameter Configuration

Technical parameters of Yuchai YC60-8 excavator

Product model  YC60-8
Product code  853D
Configure code  08 14 09 11
Power system Engine model  Yanmar 4TNV98-SYU Yuchai YC4F60Z-T20
Engine power Kilowatt/transfer 47.4/2200 43/2200
Main parameters Whole unit weight Kilogram 5890
Bucket capacity Cubic metre 0.22
Bucket width Millimetre 775
Ground specific pressure Thousand Pa 34
Track type.  Rubber/steel
Whole machine size Crawler width Millimetre 400/550
Crawler length Millimetre 2608
Full length (transport status) Millimetre 6050
Full width (transport status) Millimetre 1925
Full height (transport status) Millimetre 2605
Bulldozer size Millimetre 1920×353
The gap between the weight and the ground Millimetre 670
Fuel tank capacity Fuel tank capacity Ascend 120
Hydraulic tank capacity Ascend 88
Hydraulic system Main pump flow rate Litres per minute 2×44+13.2+5.9
Working device circuit Zhaopa 24.5
Walking circuits Zhaopa 24.5
Rotary circuit Zhaopa 20.7
Pioneer circuit Zhaopa 3.1~3.5
Performance of work Walking speed Km/hour 4.6/5.1
Hill climbing ability Linear measure 30
Rotation speed Number of rotations per minute 10~13
Maximum bucket excavation Thousands of cattle 42
Maximum bucket excavation force Thousands of cattle 27
Scope of work Maximum excavation height Millimetre 5900
Maximum unloading height Millimetre 4030
Maximum excavation depth Millimetre 3935
Maximum vertical excavation depth Millimetre 3370
Maximum excavation distance Millimetre 6475
Maximum ground excavation distance Millimetre 6340
Minimum rotation radius Millimetre 2644
Tail rotation radius Millimetre 1680
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