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  • Excavator hydraulic crushing pliers Concrete crushing pliers
  • Excavator hydraulic crushing pliers Concrete crushing pliers
  • Excavator hydraulic crushing pliers Concrete crushing pliers

Excavator hydraulic crushing pliers Concrete crushing pliers

We mainly produce various excavator accessories, such as hydraulic hammer, pile hammer, quick-connecting device, wooden grab, stone grab, hydraulic compactor, orange peel grab, multi-functional breaking shear, hydraulic breaking pliers, hydraulic shear, bucket clip, thumb clip, etc., HITACHI, KOBELCO, VOLVO, KATO, KUBOTA, SANY, YUCHAI, LIUGONG, STRONG, LINGONG, FOTON, SUNWARD, ZOOMLION, XCMG, JONYANG, SUMITOMO, etc, Special accessories for working conditions can be customized according to the customer's operating environment requirements

Excavator crushing pliers

Excavator hydraulic crushing pliers Concrete crushing pliers

Advantages of excavator hydraulic tongs:

Strong strength=good efficiency

  1. The working efficiency is two to three times that of the crushing hammer.
  2. The crushing tongs can perform a series of operations excellently: separating the reinforcement from the concrete block, bending and loading it onto the truck, thus significantly improving the work efficiency.
  3. The operation is fully mechanized, safe and time-saving. Open and close
  4. Tight occlusion with small clearance and flexible operation.
  5. Large opening design makes work easy and convenient.
  6. Equipped with a steel bar cutter, the crushing pliers can perform two operations at the same time, crushing concrete and cutting exposed steel bars, making the crushing operation more efficient.

Rugged=cost saving

  1. Made of Swedish high hardness and light steel, it is incomparably solid!
  2. Fully understand the usage habits of the Chinese market, focus on strengthening the wearing parts and structural parts, and double the service life!
  3. The jaw teeth are made into special shapes to firmly fix the concrete block, wedged and crushed for rapid crushing. Jaw teeth are very strong and wear resistant.

Light and fast=create benefits

  1. It is easy to disassemble and disassemble. The separate oil circuit design not only doubles the speed of the oil cylinder, but also can be used with the crusher. One machine has multiple tasks.
  2. Low noise and no vibration, meeting the environmental protection requirements, suitable for the demolition project of cities and high-tech parks.
  1. The hydraulic cylinder is equipped with a cover to prevent the splashing debris of concrete blocks and reinforcement.

The replacement of wearing parts is simple, and the shear blade can be easily replaced on the construction site. The shear blade can be replaced on all sides, giving full play to the great use value of the blade. Shear force to increase productivity of all original operations. The new second-generation eagle nose scissors series products improve the shearing force by improving the strength of the products, and adopt special jaw size and special blade design to improve the shearing force, which shows the strong shearing force that users are satisfied with in the operation.

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