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  • Used Hyundai Excavator  R150LVS sales of small excavator
  • Used Hyundai Excavator  R150LVS sales of small excavator
  • Used Hyundai Excavator  R150LVS sales of small excavator

Used Hyundai Excavator  R150LVS sales of small excavator

At present, there are more than 1000 used excavator of various brands in the offline market, which can not only ensure the customer's purchase demand, but also ensure that customers can understand the price of used used excavator at home.

Used excavator R110VS

Used Hyundai Excavator  R150LVS sales of small excavator

Parameter configuration of modern heavy industry R150LVS small excavator

Technical parameters of modern heavy industry R150LVS small excavator

Type numberCummins F3.8 
Type: type4-cylinder, 4-stroke, water-cooled,Turbocharged air-cooled engine 
Rated power  
SAE J1349HP(kW)/rpm86/2200
Maximum torqueN·m/rpm47 / 1100-1700
Cylinder diameter × strokeMm102
Exhaust capacityCarbon copies3760 ×115
Hydraulic system 
The main pump 
TypeTwo variable plunger pump
Maximum flow rate l/min2×124
Pilot pump and pilot circuitGear pump
Interactive sensor fuel saving pump system
Hydraulic motor 
WalkBrake valve and parking brakeThe two-speed axial plunger motor
Turn roundAxial plunger motor with automatic braking
Safety valve settingKgf/cm2
Working device circuit350 (380)
Rotary system280
Pioneer valve circuit40
Spare valveFix
Drive and braking 
Drive modeFull hydraulic type
Drive the motorAxial plunger motor
Deceleration systemPlanetary reducer
Maximum walking speed (high speed) / (low speed)5.5 km/h / 3.2 km/h
Climbing ability35° (70%)
BrakeHydraulic locked
Parking brakes.Multi-chip, wet braking
Rotary system 
Rotary motorAxial plunger motor
Rotary decelerationPlanetary gear reducer
Rotary system lubricationButter
Rotary brakeMulti-chip brake
Rotation speed12.4 rpm
Capacity of coolant and lubricating oil 
Fill it up.Ascend
Fuel tank270
Engine engine oil11
Rotary device3.5
Side transmission mechanism (each side)2.2
Hydraulic system210
Hydraulic fuel tank124
Middle frameType X
Tracked support frameworkFive-sided box
Number of track plates (each side)46
Number of sprockets (each side)1
Number of heavy wheels (each side)7
Number of tracked bottom frames (each side)1
Do it. 
Pilot operationTwo joysticks with safety locking rods (left):Rotary and bucket rod, (right): moving arm and bucket
Walking and turningTwo joysticks with pedals
Engine throttleElectric rotary type
External lightsTwo are installed on the moving arm.One is installed under the cab.One installed under the toolbox.
Full length of F7820
G total width2600
H total height2780
I weight off-ground clearance940
J-tail minister2330
K upper width2500
L cab height2860
J’ tail rotary radius2330
 Standard type
Move the arm※4600mm
Bucket pole*2500mm
A Maximum excavation distance8330mm
A’The maximum excavation distance on the ground8180mm
B Maximum excavation depth5550mm
B’Maximum effective mining depth5340mm
C Maximum vertical excavation depth5330mm
D Maximum excavation height8500mm
E maximum unloading height6060mm
F Minimum Rotation Radius2650mm
Used hyundai excavator R110VS sales of small excavator
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