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  • Used excavator Volvo crawler hydraulic excavator EC400
  • Used excavator Volvo crawler hydraulic excavator EC400

Used excavator Volvo crawler hydraulic excavator EC400

Haojingwen Construction Machinery International Co., Ltd It is a company engaged in various second-hand construction machinery and equipment, second-hand road rollers (XCMG, Luoyang, Sanming, Liugong), second-hand loaders (XCMG, Liugong, Xiagong, Changlin, and Lingong), second-hand cranes (Xuzhou, Puyuan, Changjiang, Kateng, and Tano), second-hand excavators (Kate, Hitachi, Komatsu, Shensteel, Daewoo, Hyundai, and other brands), second-hand forklifts (Heli, Hangzhou), Second-hand construction machinery such as bulldozers (Xuangong, Shantui, Yishan, Carter, Komatsu) and second-hand graders (Komatsu, Carter, Tiangong, XCMG, and other brands) can meet the needs of different customers.

Used excavator

Used excavator Volvo crawler hydraulic excavator EC400

Performance characteristics of Volvo EC400 HAMMER CN4 breaking hammer excavator

  1. Quality comes from design

The EC400 is equipped with a lean Volvo D13 engine with outstanding quality. Durable design, convenient maintenance, and comprehensive safety functions make this high-quality machine.

Proven engine technology

Since 2014, the Volvo D13 engine, which meets the fourth national standard, has been tested in the global market. With ten years of carefully polished technical advantages, its overall strength continues to strengthen, providing users worldwide with solid and reliable product quality and satisfactory operation efficiency.

Safety of both internal and external repair

The anti-skid plate and handrail can ensure that the operator can easily and safely enter the ROPS standard cab. After entering the cab, the operator can obtain excellent vision through the rear-view camera. If the operator does not fasten the seat belt correctly and normatively, the voice alarm function of the seat belt will give a voice alarm.

Engine protection

The standard engine delayed shutdown function allows your turbocharger to work for a longer time in excellent condition. In order to avoid overheating, when the turbocharger cools to a suitable temperature, the intelligent setting will shut down the machine in time, and can also be set to automatically start by the operator.

Fast maintenance

Centralized arrangement of filters and lubrication points makes maintenance more convenient and quick, which can greatly increase the normal operation time. Simply open the side door to access the single-layer cooler from the ground. The radiator, charge air cooler and hydraulic oil cooler are installed on the same floor side by side, which can greatly improve efficiency, reduce blockage and simplify cleaning operation.

  1. Productivity leaps and bounds

The EC400 adopts a large bucket design, with a larger loading capacity per bucket and a productivity increase of about 16%.

Industry-famous cab

The Volvo caring cab, which is famous in the industry, has low noise, low vibration and good vision. The operators are comfortable and efficient when working in such an environment. The overall layout for convenient operation, seats with heating function and ergonomic control device further improve the operating environment of the cab and help improve the working efficiency of operators.

Proven motivation

Thanks to the accumulation of generations of proven Volvo engine technology, EC400 has very high torque at low speed, excellent performance and high reliability.

Auxiliary digging system

The Volvo auxiliary mining system is supported by the 10-inch Volvo auxiliary driving system display, equipped with a set of intelligent applications that can optimize the mining process, including 2D, 3D, In Field Design and On-Board Weighing, which can greatly improve the machine productivity.

Clean air gun

Cleaning the air gun is particularly useful when working in dusty environments. The nozzle of the air gun can be used to clean the inside of the cab and other areas, making the operator more comfortable and convenient for maintenance.

  1. Higher fuel efficiency

Compared with the previous generation, the fuel efficiency of the new generation EC400 is improved by about 10%. The ECO mode and the new generation of electronic-controlled hydraulic system (positive flow) and other functional features can reduce internal losses, thus improving fuel efficiency.

Give full play to its role

Intelligent engine functions (such as automatic engine idling and automatic engine shutdown) can eliminate unnecessary fuel consumption and various wear and tear, reduce operating costs and reduce the impact on the environment, so that every drop of oil can play a role.

Multiple working modes

The unique Volvo technology is adopted to provide multiple operation modes through throttle control to achieve excellent performance. When the operator selects a certain operation mode: I (idle), F (fine), G (normal), H (heavy) and P (maximum power), the system has set the corresponding speed to achieve higher efficiency.

Durable performance of core components

The hydraulically driven reversible cooling fan (electronically controlled) can adjust the temperature of the core components to ensure the more lasting performance of the core components. The fan only starts automatically when needed, which greatly reduces noise and fuel consumption. The reverse function can make the fan blow in reverse direction, thus realizing the self-cleaning of the fan.

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