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  • Sunward excavator SWE105F Used Sunward small Excavator
  • Sunward excavator SWE105F Used Sunward small Excavator

Sunward excavator SWE105F Used Sunward small Excavator

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Sunward excavator

Small size Unward SWE105F Small-scale Excavator parameter configuration

Small size Unward SWE105F National Fourth Excavator Technical Parameters

Sunward excavator

Working weight of the whole machine T 9.6
Bucket capacity M3 0.40~0.50
Brand name  Yuchai
Model  YCF3090-T481
Types  Four-stroke, supercharged, medium cooling, direct injection
Power kW/rpm 66/2200
Maximum torque N·m/rpm 360/1600
Exhaust capacity Large size 3
Hydraulic system   
Type of main pump  Variable plunger pump
Maximum flow rate of the main pump L/min 210
System pressure Master of Public Administration 31
Type of pilot pump  
Pioneer maximum traffic  15
Pioneer pressure Master of Public Administration 3.5
Natural capacity   
Rotation speed Rpm Ten
Walking speed Km/h 4.8/2.4
Climbing ability ° 35
Track Width Mm 450
Grounding specific pressure kPa 35.5
Fuel tank volume   
Fuel tank volume Large size 160
Hydraulic tank volume Large size 140
Scope of operation, excavation force   
A Maximum excavation height Mm 7785
B Maximum unloading height Mm 5670
C Maximum excavation depth Mm 4590
D Excavation depth (2.44m level) Mm
E Maximum vertical mining depth Mm 4000
F Maximum excavation distance Mm 7165
G Maximum excavation distance from the ground Mm 7020
H Minimum front rotary radius Mm 2245
I Maximum lifting height of bulldozer Mm 405
J Maximum excavation depth of bulldozer Mm 330
Bucket excavation force kN 70
Pole excavation force kN 46
Dimensions of appearance   
Move your arms. Mm 4000
The degree of fighting pole Mm 2100
Total degree of A Mm 6670
Total height of B Mm 2765
Total width of C Mm 2320
D-weight off-ground height Mm 860
E Minimum off-ground height Mm 370
F tail rotary radius Mm 1970
G track grounding degree Mm 2560
H-track Mm 3225
I track gauge Mm 1870
J track width Mm 2320
K track plate width Mm 450
L driver’s cab height Mm 2765
M machine cover height Mm 2080
N turntable width Mm 2280
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