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  • Mini excavator Sales of second-hand Caterpillar 306E
  • Mini excavator Sales of second-hand Caterpillar 306E
  • Mini excavator Sales of second-hand Caterpillar 306E

Mini excavator Sales of second-hand Caterpillar 306E

We promise to deliver the excavator to your home free of charge and provide a one-year warranty, so that you can purchase the excavator without worry. We sincerely welcome customers to the scene to see the car, test.

Used Caterpillar 306E Excavator

Mini excavator Sales of second-hand Caterpillar 306E

Caterpillar CAT®306 Mini Hydraulic Excavator Parameter Configuration

Caterpillar CAT ® Technical parameters of 306 mini hydraulic excavator

Engine model CatC2.4
Net power 31.1kW
Cylinder diameter 87.0mm
Rated net power-2400rpm-
Displacement 2.43l
Stroke 102.0mm
Total power-ISO14396 34.1kW
Working weight 5705.0kg
Working weight – including cab 5705.0kg
Annotate The weight is based on steel tracks,
Operator, full fuel tank,
The standard bucket rod and the bucket are derived.
Driving system
Driving speed-low 3.0km/h
Maximum traction – low speed 51.0kN
Driving speed-high 5.0km/h
Pressure on the ground 31.1kPa
Maximum traction – high speed 31.0kN
Climbing ability – maximum 30 degrees
Repair with additional capacity  
Hydraulic tank 53.0l
Fuel tank 105.0l
Hydraulic system 104.0l
Engine engine oil 9.5l
Cooling system 10.0l
Rotation system  
Machine rotation speed 11.3 revolutions/minute
Shovel knife
Height 375.0mm
Width 1980.0mm
Certification – cab
Anti-roll protection structure (ROPS) ISO12117-2:2008
Top Shields ISO10262:1998 (Class II)
Anti-tilt protection structure (TOPS) ISO12117:1997
Operator sound pressure (ISO6396:2008) 72.0dB (A)
Size – Standard Bucket  
Gap in the ground 306.0mm
Maximum unloading height 3811.0mm
Maximum vertical excavation depth 2274.0mm
O/A shipping length 5766.0mm
Transportation height 2143.0mm
Moving Arm – Stretch 2130.0mm
Maximum excavation height 5425.0mm
Rotary bearing – height 657.0mm
Maximum shovel depth 615.0mm
Maximum stretch distance 5952.0mm
Maximum shovel height 420.0mm
Cab height 2540.0mm
Trackpad width 400.0mm
Bucket length 1500.0mm
Excavation depth 3741.0mm
O/A chassis system length 2532.0mm
Maximum stretch distance – ground 5832.0mm
Tail rotation radius 1585.0mm
O/A wheelbase 1980.0mm
Body width of the car 1950.0 mm
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