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  • New excavator SDLG excavator E680F second-hand excavator
  • New excavator SDLG excavator E680F second-hand excavator
  • New excavator SDLG excavator E680F second-hand excavator

New excavator SDLG excavator E680F second-hand excavator

  • Operating weight(kg)
  • Bucket capacity(m³)
  • Rated power(kW)

FEATURES New excavator SDLG excavator E680F second-hand excavator

Energy-saving and efficiency:
The original Japan Yanmar engine features 4-valve structure, high air inlet, full combustion and low energy consumption;
ECU controls the engine 9-gear speed, achieving automatic feedback, automatic adjustment of fuel supply, stable operation and high combustion efficiency;
After the control switch is pressed and the pilot handle fails to activate for 5 minutes, the engine will go back to idling automatically, reducing energy consumption and noise;
Reliability and durability:
The hydraulic components of world-famous brand are provided, featuring more sensitive action control, more stable system performance and high reliability;
The integral upper frame features even load distribution and good rigidity; the lower frame features a trapezoid beam structure, which has high loading capacity and high durability;
Comfort and environmental protection:
The cab is equipped with skylight and has wide field of vision; front windshield can be opened; left rear angle is provided with an arc glass to achieve wide swing field of vision;
The engine is provided with external EGR (exhaust gas recirculation), which introduces some exhaust from the vent valve to the cylinder, reduces oxygen content in the cylinder, lowers the combustion temperature, and reduces the generated NOX, thus achieving lower emission and environmental protection.
Convenient maintenance:
Concentrated filters: the air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, pilot oil filter element and other components are concentrated in the engine hood, which can be maintained on the ground, very convenient;
Automatic tension: the engine fan belt has the function of automatic tension, achieving less downtime and easy maintenance.


Operating weight(kg)


Bucket capacity(m³)


Rated power(kW)


Overall width(mm)


Overall height(mm)


Overall length(mm)


Engine model


Emission Standard

China Phase III

Max. excavation force(kN)


Swing speed(r/min)


Traveling speed(km/h)


Max. digging radius(mm)


Max. digging depth(mm)


Max. digging height(mm)


Fuel tank capacity(L)


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