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After the customer selects the excavator, signs the purchase contract and notarizes the excavator property right, the after-sales service regulations are as follows:

1. We are responsible for contacting the return truck and signing the transportation contract. Be sure to deliver the excavator to the designated destination on the date specified by the customer.

2. Send a professional master to lift the excavator purchased by the customer to the flatbed truck, and fix it firmly.

3. Customers can call us whenever they have any problems when they buy used excavator. We will provide the most correct and timely solutions and the most sincere suggestions. If necessary, we will contact the local excavator maintenance staff for on-site service.

4. When the customers who buy used excavator do not want to maintain used excavator due to various reasons (such as the end of the project, withdrawal of shares from partners, etc.) during the working period of used excavator, we will recycle used excavator according to the vehicle conditions.