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  • Excavator accessories Excavator grab dredge shell bucket

Excavator accessories Excavator grab dredge shell bucket

Also known as shell-shaped grab, it is suitable for loading various bulk cargoes, minerals, coal, gravel, earth and stone in ports, docks, station yards, mines, etc., and also for earth and stone excavation, foundation and ditch excavation, highway construction, rail laying and other projects

Excavator accessories Excavator grab dredge shell bucket

Excavator accessories Excavator grab dredge shell bucket

1、 Introduction to excavator grab

It can be divided into rotary type and non-rotary type according to the hydraulic drive mode. The shell-shaped grab without hydraulic rotation is shared with the oil cylinder oil circuit of the appropriate model, without additional hydraulic devices and pipe lines; An additional set of hydraulic device and pipeline shall be added to control the hydraulic slewing.

2、 Scope of application

It is mainly applicable to the foundation pit excavation, deep pit excavation and loading of mud, sand, coal and gravel in places such as Haima Port Wharf, coal-fired carbon field, ore field, etc. It is especially suitable for excavation and loading on one side of the ditch or restricted space, loading, unloading and handling of coal, sand and stone, small sand ore and silt, with high efficiency and large amount of grabbing, so it is also called the scallop-shaped bucket for coal unloading by excavator and the scallop-shaped bucket for dredging by excavator.

3、 Suitable for excavator model

Introduction of matching brands: Volvo, Kobelco, XCMG, Doosan, Daewoo Hyundai, Carter, Sumitomo, Hitachi, Sany, Liugong, Xiagong, Lingong, Keith, Kato, Foton Lovol, Yangma, Shantui, Mountain Reconstruction Machine, Longgong, Yuchai, Komatsu, etc.

4、 Working principle of excavator grab

It is driven by two oil cylinders and made of high-strength steel. The hydraulic closing force is large, and the digging feature is powerful, which can be hung on the bucket rod for use. The hydraulic oil cylinder that controls the opening and closing of the grab is provided by the oil circuit of the original bucket oil cylinder. The operator operates in the cab. The dead weight of the grab can not make the grab fully embedded in the material. The bucket rod also needs to provide a downward pressure function, so that the grab can open two bins for compaction or embedding in the material, and then grab the material downward under the action of the hydraulic oil cylinder, Therefore, it has strong grasping ability, and is used to grasp difficult materials such as ores, and the opening and closing movements of the grab bucket can overlap with the lifting and lowering movements, so the work efficiency is high.

5、 Design features

The design of grab opening and closing bin is the unique design of Haoxin grab manufacturer. Its feature is that it can disperse the force of the grab to grasp the material down to the various parts of the grab, so that the whole grab is under the force of the grab as a whole, so that its internal force is balanced. When the internal force is balanced, the grab under external load is not easy to deform, and the use of smaller oil pressure can produce larger grasping force. The smaller oil pressure can ensure safe use, and can extend the service life of the seal, reduce the number of maintenance, and increase the service life.

6、 Customizable on demand

Based on the introduction of the above types of products, we can adjust the size, structure and material production of the products according to the actual needs of customers; Also, according to the customer’s drawings and actual machine measurement data, we can help the customer customize the design before production;

7、 Ordering requirements

The customized production cycle is about 15 to 25 days. We only need to provide the model, brand, grab type, earth cube, bucket capacity and other special requirements of you. We will produce in strict accordance with the design standards!

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